AUCTION UPDATE: 09/07/2021

Effective 1/26/21

AVDAA sends purchase information via email to addresses on file when offers are accepted, so buyers will only receive follow up calls regarding counter offers.  Please be sure to let Dealer Registration know if you are not receiving purchase emails.

All buyers are responsible for following up on their purchases and offers no phone calls will be made if your purchasing offer is cleared. You will get a email, and if not please check under your online account. 


Dear Valued Customers and Friends,

      We have been dedicated to bringing a better overall experince to you. Not just in the lanes but also online. The key to making digital buying as good as—or even better than—buying in person is to give clients deep insights about the vehicles they’re considering. We are doing this by giving clients a new level of detail and tool to their listing and buying decisions. This new solution provides a more robust and efficient process for clients to assess a vehicle’s exact condition and make even better listing and buying decisions. It builds on the already leading condition information produced by us, such as immersive, 360-degree images; movable images to see depth of damage; audio and video tags to assess engine noise; interior 360s and more. These enhancements enrich the user experience for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can have greater confidence in their digital purchases by gaining a deeper understanding of the vehicle’s condition before buying. Sellers get greater vehicle marketability, an expanded buyer audience resulting from the improved condition information and benefit from increased efficiencies, as the new process helps reduce the time and effort needed to complete an inspection. Additionally, the enhanced information will display in a familiar user interface format, meaning no major learning curve. Dealers will simply notice the additional level of detail and vehicle-specific questions within our condition report. Thank you for your continued support. Our goal is to serve you to the best of our ability. Buy and sell with confidence and know that we have your back.

Best of health to you and your families and stay safe.

Justin Soghomonian
Vice President 
AVDA Auction


PLEASE PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AND MAINTAIN 6 FEET DISTANCE FROM OTHERS WHILE ON THE LOT. FACE COVERINGS ARE MANDATORY WHILE ON THE PREMISES.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

AVDAA BUYNOW: Will offer fresh trades and repos to purcahse 24/7 from the comfort of your office or home.

NEW TIME: All Tuesday sales will be @ 1:30 pm sale.

  • While practicing social distance, the lot is open to view and inspect units daily, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

  • Please call us well in advance of sale day for help with signing on and becoming familiar with the Edge Simulcast.

  • Our front office is now open to transact business during regular business hours. There is a limit of dealers allowed in the office at one time.

  • All titles will take 48 hours to process and checks will either be mailed or available to pick up during business hours only.


Buy Online


Due to the anticipation of an increase in online bidding traffic, please verify that you can log on to EdgePipeline before Tuesday and Friday. If you are interested in bidding online with us and are not familiar with Simulcast through, we encourage you to please contact Brandon at 818-932-8222 or the office at 818-381-8333.