Welcome to All Valley Dealers Auto Auction Inc.

General Policies:  All customers who register and conduct business through AVDA Auction are governed by AVDA Auction Policies, Terms and Conditions.  By doing business at AVDA Auction you are agreeing to observe and be bound by AVDA Auction Policies.

Auction Role in Sale:

  • AVDA Auction is not a party of the contract of the sale. The contract is between the Seller and the Buyer only.
  • AVDA Auction is a service provider between the Seller and the Buyer.  We are here to assist both the Seller and the Buyer with a fair and ethical marketplace in which vehicles may be bought and sold.
    • AVDA Auction makes no representation, warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, description, equipment, service policy, titles, history, or accuracy of the odometer in any vehicles that is offered for sale or sold through our auction facility services.
  • AVDA Auction will receive compensation of services rendered by charging fees to both Sellers, Buyers and in some instances a third party.
  • AVDA Auction’s intent is to facilitate a marketplace where the Sellers will receive the true market value for vehicle’s sold and payment rendered. Buyers can buy with confidence knowing that they will receive a clean title and a marketable vehicle so that all parties may be successful in their business.
    • AVDA Auction offers an Arbitration service to quickly and fairly resolve contestations between the Seller and the Buyer.
    • AVDA Auction reserves the right to review audio/video documentation to verify the accuracy of a sale.
    • Any vehicle consigned with the AVDA Auction is subject to government inspection, with or without prior notice by the FBI, State Police, National Auto Theft Bureau, Local Police Authorities and any other governmental agency, or quasigovernmental agency.

Avda Auction’s Commitment to the Customer:

At AVDA Auction we are committed to provide an efficient and trustworthy arena where Sellers and Buyers gather together to sell and buy automobiles.  AVDA Auction has established policies to facilitate an efficient and simple service of selling and buying automobiles.  The policies will provide a clear understanding for all parties of AVDA Auctions assurance to the customers’ rights and obligations. These policies and guidelines will also assist with ensuring our Sellers they are receiving the “true market value” for their vehicles while the Buyers are confident about “the quality and condition” of the vehicle they are purchasing.


  • AVDA Auction is a proud member of NAAA (National Automobile Auction Association). We have adopted and comply with its code of ethics.
  • AVDA Auction will be fair and impartial both Sellers and Buyers.
  • AVDA Auction will comply with all local, state, and federal rules and policies.
  • AVDA Auction will make every effort to service our customers and insure its integrity, customer confidence, and safety.
  • AVDA Auction will maintain records to verify sales fees and charges for a minimum period of six months.


General Terms and Conditions:

  • Application:  AVDA Auction Policies governs all your business conducted through AVDA Auction.  This to include implied terms and condition of every agreement oral or written that you enter into with AVDA Auction and AVDA Auction customer to include but not limited to both Seller and Buyer. By doing business at AVDA Auction you are agreeing to observe, and be bound by AVDA Auctions rules and policies.

o   Notice of changes:  AVDA Auction retains the right to amend polices at any time by posting the amendment on our website

  • Definitions:   The terms to follow have been defined for clarification and better understanding. All Valley Dealers Auto Auction Inc. collectively means AVDAA, AVDA Auction, or the auction which is a California Corporation.
  • AVDA Auction Policy: Means the auction polices, arbitration rules, website polices, agreements, privacy policies, application policies and any amendment to any of those polices.
  • AVDA Auction: means collectively AVDA Auction and each respective officers, directors, employees, authorized agents, subsidiaries, successors and assigns.  References to “we” means AVDA Auction.
  • AVDA Auction On-Line: is an internet tool used to Sell and Buy vehicles On-Line through our internet website, Simulcast and Auction Pipeline.
  • Arbitration: means a dispute resolution process mediated through AVDA Auction between the Seller and the Buyer.
  • Customer: means a registered motor vehicle dealer, an individual, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, unincorporated organization, or other business entity or enterprise that is expressly or implicitly authorized to conduct business with AVDA Auction references to "you,” the customer.
  • Customer Representative: means the customer's authorized representative and any person that has the real or apparent authority to act on behalf of the owner.
  • Simulcast Sale: means a sale that has been conducted through AVDA Auction online and or AVDA Auction simulcast sale.
  • Online Buyer: means a buyer who uses online sale through the internet.
  • Off-Site Vehicle: means the vehicle is not physically located at AVDA Auction.
  • Gate Pass: means an electronic or paper document that must be presented by the Customer or its representative to AVDA Auction personnel in order to release the vehicle out of the auction facilities.
  • Condition Report (CR): means a description of the physical and or mechanical condition of the vehicle including any vehicle photos.
  • Dealer Consignment Report: Is a tool used to engage a Seller and owner of goods in the sale of an Automobile utilizing AVDA Auction Services.
  • Deception: means an act, representation or allusions that, having regard to all circumstances would reasonably be regarded as misleading , unprofessional or unethical and includes, but limited to, the failure to make a “Declaration” which materially affects the value of the vehicle.
  • Fees: means the fees and charges set forth by AVDA Auction for services rendered.
  • In-Lane Sale: means an auction sale event that is facilitated at an AVDA Auction location with bidders physically present.
  • Reserve Price: means the minimum price established by the Seller at which the vehicle may sell.  




Customer Obligation

Customer Registration:

  • Customer Registration: AVDA Auction participates with Auction Access Dealer Registration System. Upon completion of the AVDA Auction registration package along with the auction access package you will be issued an Auction Access card authorizing you to buy and sell vehicles through AVDA Auction in-lane or AVDA Auction On-Line. You will be responsible for all your transactions and your representative’s transactions that are conducted with your auction card. Sharing or lending your auction card is strictly prohibited. At auction In-Lane sales all customers are required to wear their badges. For On-Line sale you need to register for online sale prior to bidding through Auction Access and retain users ID and Password. You’re responsible to maintain the confidentiality of your ID and Password.  You’re liable for all transactions conducted with them. Please notify AVDA Auction immediately, in writing, upon discovery of any unauthorized users of your card or online account and/or missing auction card.
  • Auction Privilege: AVDA Auction reserves the right to temporary or permanently suspend a customer's auction privileges at any time. Breach of AVDA Auction polices may result in the permanent or temporary suspension of your auction privileges.




o   Fair Play: In order for the auction to work properly in its marketplace AVDA Auction and its customers must conduct themselves with integrity. We will demonstrate our part with every interaction and we expect you as a customer to do your part by conducting your business at AVDA Auction fairly and honestly. 

o   Compliance with the law: there are many rules, laws and regulations that govern your business. We count on you to know and comply with all National, Local State and Federal laws regulating your right to conduct business as a dealer customer at AVDA Auction.

  • Courtesy: We expect our employees to serve you professionally and courteously and in return we believe that they are entitled to the same treatment from you.
  • Dealers Only: All of AVDA Auction sales In-Lane, On-Line or Frontline are for registered Motor Vehicle Dealers only, NO EXCEPTIONS. Retail customers are NOT PERMITTED in the bidding area and over the shoulder-surf online. Customer may not permit retail customers to view an online sale or the price of the electronic inventory of vehicles that are posted through AVDA Auction online system.
  • Guest: guests, family members, friends etc... Are not permitted in the bidding area or the auction lot. ABSOLUTLEY NO MINORS
    • Safety: At AVDA Auction we thrive and take extreme measures to provide customer care and safety by creating a safe and secure environment to conduct business, with little inconvenience to our customer. Due to immanent risk AVDA Auction has established rules and procedures to protect our customers and staff.  In doing so AVDA Auction requires everyone visiting or working at the AVDA Auction to abide by set policies, procedures and regulations. Please take the time to make yourself familiar with the set guidelines. Customers, their employees, agents, representatives, contractors and invites must observe and comply with AVDA Auctions safety rules as set below:
      • Always be aware and cautious of your surroundings, especially for those who use electronic devices such as cell phones, iPads etc... There are always a lot of activities at an auction, especially on a sale day.
      • No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the sale area or on the lot.
      • Everyone in the arena area must wear a bidder badge and anyone on the lot must wear a bidder badge or a visitor pass.
      • If you are injured please contact an AVDA Auction employee immediately.
      • Lanes on the floor designate auction lanes, please stand in the designated areas and keep out of the car lanes. Congested lanes make it harder for our drivers to see and will slow the flow of the vehicles. PLEASE DO NOT cross auction lanes when the cars are moving.
      • Never open any doors, hood, trunk or tail gates on any moving vehicle.
      • Do not stand in front of a running automobile.  Always make sure you have eye contact with the driver before you walk in front of a stopped vehicle.  Never walk in front of a moving vehicle.
      • DO NOT open the hood and grab the accelerator linkage to rev the motor whether it's parked or in the lanes and DO NOT ask our employees to rev the motor.
      • Test driving vehicles is not permitted.
      • Do not enter a vehicle during the sale or in the lane. This will distract our drivers and could cause injury or traffic congestion.
      • Do not lay around consigned vehicles for any reason, this to include but not limited to, laying on, under, beside, front or back.
      • If you would like to start a vehicle please ask one of our employees on the lot.  When you get in the vehicle please make sure you are in the driver seat and your foot is on the brake pedal and make certain no one is in front or back of the vehicle before you start the vehicle……NEVER apply excessive acceleration to the vehicle engine.
      • When removing your vehicle in or out of AVDA Auction please obey all posted stop signs, intersection signs and the speed limit of 5MPH.
      • If you see any unsafe practice or illegal activities by another Customer or one of our employees please notify Management immediately.
      • No Outside Sales (Backyard Deals):  All vehicles consigned for sale must cross the auction block. Vehicles sold before reaching the block will be subject to all applicable fees. Customers who attempt to avoid payment of fees by negotiating private sales on consigned vehicles may have their auction privileges temporarily or permanently suspended.
      • Tampering with any part of a consigned vehicle for sale on AVDA Auction premises is “PROHIBITED.”
      • Please follow these simple rules and be sensible to ensure everybody’s safety. 
  • Fees and Payments: With respect to the performance of AVDA Auction services, you agree to pay AVDA Auction all applicable fees and any other amounts owed by you including Vehicle Purchase Price.  These fees are due and payable on the day the services are rendered. Customer agrees that AVDA Auction may deduct the fees and other amounts owing by the Customer to AVDA Auction from any amounts that may be payable by AVDA Auction to the customer, including vehicle sale proceeds. Interest on overdue payments will accrue at the lesser of the maximum legal rate or 1.5% per month or (18% per year). The Customer acknowledges and agrees that AVDA Auction may change its fees at any time without notice. Please contact an AVDA Auction Representative or visit our web site for any changes and updates. The customer shall pay all costs, including, without limitation, legal fees on a solicitor and client basis, incurred by Auction if effort to collect any amounts owed to AVDA Auction by the Customer.

o   Security interest: Customer hereby grants to AVDA a continuing security interest and Hypothec in all vehicles purchased by the customer through AVDA Auction and in all customer vehicles that are in possession, custody or control of AVDA Auction wherever located and all proceeds from the sale thereof to secure payment of all fees, debts, liabilities and obligations of customer to AVDA Auction. If customer fails to pay AVDA Auction any amount when due, AVDA Auction will be entitled to exercise the right and remedies of a secured creditor as such right and remedies may be provided by statutes, common law, mesquite or otherwise. 

  • Risk: AVDA Auction does not provide insurance coverage for each vehicle. The vehicle will be and remain at the sellers risk until sold. Once the buyer bid has been accepted as the winning bid, the vehicle will be the buyer’s risk. The vehicle will remain at the buyers risk unless and until the sale is cancelled through arbitration. If the sale is cancelled, the vehicle will revert to the sellers risk until the vehicle is resold.
  • Limitation of Liability: Customer agrees that in no event will AVDA Auction be liable to customer for indirect damages, consequential damages, loss of goodwill, work stoppage, data loss, computer failure or malfunction or loss profit (collectively damages) without limiting the foregoing, customer further agrees that AVDA Auction will not be liable to customer for loss or damages due in whole or in part as a direct or indirect results of any theft, conversion, loss, claim, expense (including legal fees), suit or demand (collectively “Loss”) arising out of based upon or resulting from the possession, transportation, use, storage or operation of any vehicle by or at AVDA Auction, including but not limited to loss due to or caused by transportation, delay, arbitration, decision, cancelled sale, clerical errors, natural disasters, fire, storm, flood, war, civil disturbance, riot, act of God, lightning, earthquake, or other similar casualty. Auction does not provide insurance coverage on vehicles, except public liability insurance for its own negligence.  Dealer assumes all risks of loss of liability for vehicles consigned or removed to or from auction premises.  Auction is not responsible for transfer delivery or validity of factory warranties or other warranties of third party.



  • Indemnity: Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless AVDA Auction from and against any and all liabilities, damages, losses, expenses, demands, claims, suits, or judgments, including legal fees and expenses, in any way related to or arising out of the breach by customer or by any customer representative of AVDA Auction polices.
  • Legal Authorities & Investigation: AVDA Auction fully cooperates with all investigations conducted by regulatory, government and police authorities (collectively investigative authority). By doing business at AVDA Auction you authorize us to comply with all reasonable request from any investigative authority for information and/or documents concerning you, your business and/or transaction history. Any vehicle in the custody or control of AVDA Auction may be subject to inspection by investigative authorities without prior notice.

o   Video and Audio: All In-lane sales are video and audio recorded. By attending an In-Lane sale, you are contending to the use of video and audio recordings for the purpose of Arbitration, enforcement of AVDA Auction polices, and all purposes identified in AVDA Auction’s privacy policy. A customer’s physical presence at an in-lane sale may be identified in the audio or video recordings. By participating in an In-Lane sale, you consent to AVDA Auction's use, retention and disclosure of any audio, photograph, or video recording containing your image or voice.

  • Sales Tax: As a customer at AVDA Auction you must hold a certificate sales tax permit issued by the sales tax authorities of the state or the province. Any vehicles purchased by the customer at AVDA Auction are purchased for resale in the form of tangible personal property in the regular course of the business, and are of the sort usually purchased by the customer for resale.
  • Insufficient Funds:  If your method of payment is not cleared by your financial institution (e.g. NSF checks), you must pay the amount owing immediately with cash or certified funds.  An administrative fee of $100.00 will apply to all dishonored payments returned to AVDA Auction.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Seller AND Buyers Responsibility


Effective 1/26/21

AVDAA sends purchase information via email to addresses on file when offers are accepted, so buyers will only receive follow up calls regarding counter offers.  Please be sure to let Dealer Registration know if you are not receiving purchase emails.

All buyers are responsible for following up on their purchases and offers no phone calls will be made if your purchasing offer is cleared. You will get a email, and if not please check under your online account. Also the policy of "buyer gets 7 days frame AND mechanical from sale day, or 100 miles, whichever comes first." This 7 days from sale day only is if it is avdaa guaranteed or psi gets completed Friday. To clarify buyer gets 7 days after being notified of post sale inspection result.

In – Lane:



  • GREEN LIGHT = Mechanical Guarantee and Frame Guarantee.
  • YELLOW LIGHT DRIVELINE = Mechanical Guarantee – prior OR existing damages to frame are not covered.
  • YELLOW LIGHT FRAME = Frame Guarantee – prior or existing mechanical problems are not covered.
  • RED LIGHT = No Guarantee – “AS IS” NO arbitration on frame. Some issues such as odometer discrepancies and airbags missing or concealed, modified edmissions, no reverse are some exceptions (unless announced on the block) and must be brought to AVDA Auctions attention prior to Vehicle leaving auction premises or at least next business day…….NO EXCEPTIONS!




Mechanical Guarantee

Frame Guarantee



Mechanical Guarantee

Prior or existing damages to frame are not covered.



Frame Guarantee

Prior or existing mechanical problems are not covered.


No Guarantee “AS-IS”

Absolutely NO Arbitration

$2500 POLICY

Sold Less than $2500 are automatically – SOLD “AS-IS”

Even if the unit ran through the lane as a guaranteed vehicle.  No arbitration!


  • Mechanical Guarantee- SALE DAY ONLY- unless vehicle is put through post sale inspection. Vehicle MUST be put through post sale inspection before leaving Auction on Sale day. NO EXCEPTIONS. If vehicle is not put through post sale inspection, there will be NO ARBITRATION on mechanical/eletrical/transmission. 

  • Frame Guarantee- 7 days from sale day

  • As of 1/1/23 - guarantee does NOT cover battery on electric/hybrid vehicles. Arbitration on batteries is left to the auctions discrepancy. 

It is the buyer’s responsibility for the Post- Sale Inspection fee, whether vehicle passes or fails. If vehicle passes, buyer gets 7 days frame AND mechanical from sale day, or 100 miles, whichever comes first.

Presale And Postsale Inspections: When a car passes PSI the auction is only responsible for engine/transmission and frame. Any issues that may occur intermittent and/ or unforseen is the responsiblity of the seller. The inspection is a 30 minute process. Any issues that can only be found out after a test drive of over 10 minutes will be given back to seller as the auction is not liable.

Super Car Purchase and Arbitration Policy

Pre-Sale Inspection (PSI)

We do not conduct pre-sale inspections (PSI) on super cars. Buyers are encouraged to thoroughly review the condition of their vehicle independently.

10-Day Guarantee

Buyers will receive a 10-day guarantee, allowing up to 50 miles to personally test and assess the vehicle. This period is designed to ensure satisfaction and confidence in your purchase.

Arbitration Process

Under the AVDAA arbitration policy, should any issues arise during the 10-day guarantee period, buyers are required to notify AVDAA of such concerns on or before the conclusion of the 10th day. This includes weekends.The specific deadlines for reporting issues are as follows: For sales occurring on a Friday, the deadline is by the end of day on the second Monday following the sale. For sales occurring on a Tuesday, the deadline is by the end of day on the second Friday following the sale. No Exceptions Please note, these deadlines are firm and no exceptions will be made. This policy is in place to ensure fairness and efficiency in the arbitration process.

Selling Dealer’s Responsibility:

  • Must comply with recommended structural policy.
  • Selling dealers are required to provide clear title(s) within 45 days.
  • Titles turned in after 45 days will be subject to a late charge.
  • Auction can sell vehicle for $200 close to floor price.
  • No certificates of salvage retention, or junk titles.
  • All branded titles must be announced (Lemon Law), True Miles Unknown (TMU), EML, and etc.
  • No non-U.S., including Canadian vehicles accepted for sale.
  • Seller must provide floor price to run vehicle in sale, auction has the right to sell vehicle within $200 of the floor.
  • All annoucements must be provided by seller- including but not limited to : year, make, model , etc. (Incorrect info provided at time of sale, can result in vehicle unwind)
  • No duplicate applications sale paperwork accepted.
  • All Safety issues must be disclosed by seller.
  • AIR BAG ISSUES MUST BE ANNOUNCED on as is units. Only non runners and salvage cars air bag issues do NOT need to be annouced and are both sold as-is with ZERO arbritation
    • Airbag light issues
    • Missing Airbag
    • Deployed Airbag
    • Concealed Airbag due to tampering or repair
  • Vehicles with replacement (VIN) must be announced before the sale
  •  Anything not attached to the vehicle including extra keys, books, navigation, and stereo faceplates, must be kept with seller or turned into the office. AVDAA is not responsible for any missing items not tuned into the office.
  • Any engine lights missing or removed is subject to arbitration on sale day only.
  • All consigned vehicles must have their Public Vehicle Identification Number showing for verification.
  • Seller must annouce prior rental, for current year and prior year.. ie: 2024 or 2023 does need to be annouced as a prior rental. 
  • Title discrepancies must be announced including, but not limited to: not actual miles, salvage, theft recovery, stolen vehicle, flood damage, Lemon Law buybacks and trade assist. If Salvage is annouced any other issues on why or why not it is salavge do not need to be ie: Flood damage, theft, etc.. do not need to be annouced ONLY if car is being annouced salvage. There is absoultley no arbitration for salvage units. 
  • All 2023 and newer Tesla's do not come with chargers from the factory. Therefore we will not announce no chargers on these modes and it is the buyers responsibility to option chargers for said vehicle.
  • Seller must disclose a car has no reverse, and if a car is sold "as-is" and has no reverse the seller may be subject to arbritation.
  • AVDAA assumes the right to use discretion in arbitration as it relates to Oil Leaks.

    -Oil leaks will not be arbitrated unless they are excessive. Seepage or Oil leaks that are NOT actively dripping and visible by inspection will not be arbitrated. AVDAA arbitration will make the FINAL determination of whether not an oil leak is rejectable. For further clarification of the NAAA Arbitration Policy reference to Oil Leaks please click auction policies

    -Vehicle Accessories on vehicles over 4 years old. For this policy, a Vehicle Accessory is defined as "optional or non-essential equipment or components that are not required for the basic operation and function of the vehicle." Accessory examples include Entertainment Systems, Power Windows, Heated Seats, Navigation Systems, Sunroofs/ Moonroofs, etc. Furthermore, the determination of four (4) years will be based on calendar years. For example, as of 2023, accessories on vehicle model years of 2019 and earlier would not be subject to arbitration.

  • Effective 1/26/21

    AVDAA sends purchase information via email to addresses on file when offers are accepted, so buyers will only receive follow up calls regarding counter offers.  Please be sure to let Dealer Registration know if you are not receiving purchase emails. All buyers are responsible for following up on their purchases and offers no phone calls will be made if your purchasing offer is cleared. You will get a email, and if not please check under your online account.

  • Seller’s Disclosure Requirements:  Seller must disclose structural damage, repairs or replacements as outlined in this policy prior to selling a vehicle at auction.

  • No Arbitration on AS-IS cars. No Arbirtation based on condition reports. Please review all photos for conditions of vehicle. Condition Reports on Repos are for the Seller to determine the value of the vehicle, not arbitratible.

  • -Accuracy of Mileage Reporting: In cases where a vehicle's mileage is inaccurately reported on the AVDAA system with a discrepancy of less than 1,000 miles, and provided that a photograph of the actual mileage is displayed with the listing, the vehicle shall be deemed non-arbitrable under this specific condition.

  • Compensation for Mileage Discrepancy: In instances where the above condition is met, the buyer will be entitled to a compensation. This compensation will be calculated based on the difference in the vehicle's value according to the most recent MMR valuation.

  • This policy ensures both the integrity of our vehicle listings and the fairness in transactions for our buyers. We believe in fostering trust and confidence in our services, and this policy is a step towards upholding our high standards in the automotive marketplace.

The recommended declarations are: 

  • Structural Damage – The vehicle has structural damage and/or repairs and will not be subject to arbitration under this policy. 
  • Certified Structural Repairs – The vehicle has sustained damage to a specifically identified structural component, which has been repaired, and the vehicle has been certified to be within the Used Vehicle Measurement Standard (UVMS).  The vehicle is properly announced, may be arbitrated only for improper repair of the designated area, existing damage or repairs to other areas, or failure to be within the UVMS guidelines. 
  • Structural Alteration – The vehicle has altered frame or unibody as specifically announced.  The vehicle can be arbitrated only for frame or repairs to structural components other than those disclosed or in the event of improper repair or alteration.  Such a disclosure should be made for the following alterations unless they are clear by the appearance of the vehicle.
    1. Measurement of Vehicles: AVDA Auction will, at its discretion, have a vehicle measured at a facility of its choice.  Prior to measurement, a vehicle must first visually indicate a physical condition to the measurement.  Purchaser will agree to pay for this measurement if the vehicle is within the UVMS. Seller will be responsible for charges if the vehicle is found beyond the UVMS; 
    2. Undisclosed Structural Damage or Repair:  A “Green Light Guarantee“, vehicle may be arbitrated if it has undisclosed existing or repaired damage, which should have been disclosed under the policy, even though the vehicle is within the UVMS.
      • Frame lengthened or shortened.
      • Suspension Altered.
      • After market accessories installed/removed or altered.
      • Disclosure is not required for properly installed tow package.
  • Seller’s Disclosure Not Required:  No declaration will be required for existing insignificant damage or repair thereof. 

      Insignificant damage is defined as:

  • Damage due to PDR, transportation tie-down, improper jacking or lifting or contact with parking abutments and /or road debris, provided that the vehicle is within the UVMS.
  • Damage solely to glass or bolt-on components.'''
  • Buyers Responsibilities’:
    • It is the responsibility of the buyer to completely inspect the vehicle before bidding to include but not limited to damages, equipment, mechanical etc.
    • It is the responsibility of the buyer to check ID numbers to identify vehicle year, make, model, mileage and condition of the vehicle.  AVDA Auction is not responsible for incorrect emblems window information, booking sheet errors etc.
    • It is the responsibility of the buyer to pick up vehicle within 48 hours of purchase, any pick up after 48 hours AVDAA will not be responsible for lost items to vehicle including keys, and/or damage to the vehicle. 
  • Arbitration:  Arbitration Period – Buyer must arbitrate improperly disclosed structural damage the same day as purchased. Frame damage has 7 days; and no more than 100—miles. 
    • If purchased on Tuesday the claim must be turned in prior to 4PM the following Monday.
    • If purchased on Friday the Arbitration Claim must be turned in prior to 4PM the following Thursday. 


  • Buyers Reimbursement by Seller – In the event of improperly disclosure structural damage the seller will be responsible to reimburse the buyer for;
    • The actual price of the vehicle.
    • The buyer’s fee.
    • Inspection and arbitration fees incurred at the auction and sellers fee including any out of pocket expenses.
    • Reasonable transportation costs actually incurred transporting the vehicle to and from the Buyer’s Dealership.
    • Buyers will be responsible for charges if the vehicle is not found to have any problems under aforementioned arbitration policy up to $100.00 and any other expenses accrued.
      • Late Titles – (45 days) buyers must give AVDA Auction a 48 hour notice before returning a vehicle to auction (NO EXCEPTIONS). All bills for late title unwinds will be verified and vehicles will be inspected for any work claimed on bills…May not exceed $500.00. After 48 hours, whichever comes first, the title or vehicle. If AVDAA recieves the title before the 48 hours is over, car stays sold. If out of state buyer , expenses can be more for 1 way transport.
      • If a vehicle is arbitrated for NO TITLE, vehicle mileage must not exceed more that 500 miles from the purchase miles. If mileage exceeds 500 miles, will be deemed excessive and buyer is responsible for $0.56 per mile, not to exceed the value of the vehicle.
      • Titles will be mailed out accordingly to buyers request, example: regular mail, or overnight. If a title is lost or stolen in the mail (overnight or regular mail), it is the buyers responsibility to pay for any charges for restructing a new title, if they request a new title. Auction will provide copies of titles, as requested. No Arbitration for titles lost in the mail.



Online Simulcast:

  • To bid online you must be a registered dealer in good standing at AVDA Auction, registered with Auction Access and pre-approved by the auction.
  • All online purchases must be paid within 24 hours of purchase with secured funds/wire, transfer flooring or pre-arranged payment plan.
  • A $50 internet fee will be added to all online purchases.
  • Transportation of purchased vehicles is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • All dealers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their Password and Login.  All dealers will make sure that they exit from their account at the end of each session.  You agree your Login will only be used by or disclosed to authorize employees/agents qualified to do business on your behalf as an automobile dealer/wholesaler.  All dealers are responsible for any and all transactions made by their respective dealerships and representatives.
  • All dealers are responsible for reading and understanding AVDA Auction Policy.
  • When a unit is put on offer it is like being sold to buyer until it is finalized.


  • AVDA Auction will comply with the Online Vehicle Exchange Policy and Procedures listed with the NAAA by Manheim.  Please refer to the NAAA OVE Policy.

Frontline Sale:

Polices Guidelines Rules and Regulations:

  • All vehicles available for sale must be a frontline vehicle. No fresh trade-ins. No exceptions.
  • All participants must be a new car dealer or its authorized representative.
  • For all vehicles that are available by book sheet. AVDA Auction must receive the following by fax or email. Complete book sheet that includes:
    • Current date of the book sheet
    • Year/ make/ model
    • Complete Vehicle Identification Number
    • Selling Dealership Name
    • Miles
    • Accurate listing of all the equipment
    • Color inside and outside
    • Floor price (selling price)
  • Announcements (repaint, lifted or lowered, prior rental, out of state title, after-market add-ons or any other issues that could be otherwise arbitrated.) door dings and scratches.

Frontline Seller Disclosure Responsibilities:

  • Sellers please notify the auction if purchased vehicles are not picked up after 48 hours from sale date.
  • Selling dealer is responsible for first year DMV penalties, if the vehicle has not been registered more than a year than the seller is responsible for previous year or years’ penalties and full registration fees.
  • No duplicate application. No salvage titles, TMU, Branded titles, lemon law, prior taxi/limo.
  • The purchasing dealer has 48 hours after receiving the vehicle for any arbitration issues (excluding weekends).
  • Selling dealer must notify the auction immediately if the vehicle has been retailed out of the dealership.
  • If the vehicle is arbitrated and confirmed by the auction the selling dealer is responsible for all transportation fees (to and from the purchasing dealer).
  • When the vehicle is sold please provide current Carfax, Autocheck, KSR, and a copy of the smog and safety.
  • Please know all the rules and regulations if you are not sure please contact your AVDA Auction representative.
  • All title work and funds are done through AVDA Auction.
    • Once we receive the title we will deduct the Sell Fee from the proceeds check as well as DMV fees, penalties, and any other applicable fees and mail the check.

Frontline Buying Dealer:  AVDA Auction will take all necessary steps to insure our buyers will experience efficient and effective ways to buy good quality front line vehicles.

  • Prior to purchase of a vehicle a buyer should take all necessary precautions regarding the potential purchase.  This is to include any/all Electronic Data Vehicle Histories (EDVH), i.e. Carfax, Autocheck, etc.,
  • When you purchase the vehicle please pick up the vehicle immediately, no later than 48 hours.  If you need assistance with transportation please notify our transportation department immediately (the longer it stays at the selling dealership the better chance it could be retailed).
  • Once you pick up and receive the vehicle from purchasing dealer you have 48 hours to notify AVDA Auction with any arbitration issues by email or text.
  • Please read all the arbitration rules and policies very carefully if you are not sure please call your auction representative.
  • Buyer will pay for the vehicle to AVDA Auction plus the buy fee and any other applicable fees such as transport post sale inspection etc……

Frontline Arbitration:  Issues must be submitted to the auction within 48 hours after receiving the vehicles (if a vehicle is received on Friday arbitration will extend until 3pm the following Monday.)

  • When arbitration issues arise AVDA Auction will assign its own inspector or a 3rd party to inspect and verify the issue.  (The losing party will pay the inspection fees, while fees may vary from $100 to $200.)  If the seller is the losing party they will be responsible to pay transport fees (to and from the dealership.)
  • Late title arbitration the buying dealer is entitled to transportation fees only (to and from the purchasing dealership).  There will be no reimbursements for advertising fee, commission fee, profit fee, wash and detail fee, any repairs, factory and/or after-market additions.  The vehicle must be in the same or better condition as when it was purchased and no more than 100 miles.
  • Equipment arbitration for wrong information on the book.  If the buyer and seller don’t agree on an adjustment the buyer can arbitrate the vehicle back (To be fair to all parties, the buyer can’t ask more than the arbitrated amount on the equipment. However, some items such as navigations, sport package premium package etc…..are exempt.)
  • Auction is not bound by information listed in Electronic Data Vehicle Histories (EDVH), i.e. Carfax, AutoCheck, Etc., and any vehicle may not be arbitrated solely on EDVH data.  Auction may investigate vehicle history based on information found in EDVH for information that may impact arbitration.
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